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It's Shea Korte here...

I have been fortunate enough to enjoy hugely profitable money making opportunities during my online career. It is my main source of income, and I enjoy every second of it. The simplicity, quick results, and virtually limitless scalability make it better than any other online money making methods, and certainly any job you can get in my opinion.

I can work on my own time, control my own income level, and can take a vacation whenever I desire. By the time you finish reading this, you’ll understand just how easy it can be for you to achieve the very same thing.

There are countless people generating 4, 5, and 6 figures per year (or even per month) in commissions. All of them that I know found their success by following a person that is already getting the results they want to achieve, and then simply modelling that person. It's called modelling because you're taking the same strategies that are already being used by top online earners, and then just doing it yourself. I know you already know these... "Don't re-invent the wheel", "If it ain't broke don't fix it"... it's so true and is exactly what I'm talking about. These are methods that have worked, are working now, and will work for a very long time. If you want to achieve any level of success online, you NEED to be using proven methods that someone has already done before you. I'm even going to show you how to make money online with ZERO competition and brings MAXIMUM profitability! (more on that later).

How Do You Become So Successful?

There are people who have just started out seeing 4 figure profits on their very first try. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone even made 5 figures on their first attempt. If you follow proven strategies, it is possible to achieve this type of success from the very start! However, it is impossible to guarantee success immediately no matter what formula you follow. In fact, you are likely to fail before you see success, but that is not a problem at all.

I'm Going To Be Completely Honest With You

Over 95% of all people fail in the beginning. Many people I've worked with now bringing in 6 figures, took months to become wildly successful. These are people just like you who have failed constantly through trial & error. The difference is that they learned from their mistakes and constantly improved instead of jumping from one method to another and quitting after not making huge money right away. They are realistic with their expectations and know that everything will pay off in the long run.

The faster you fail, the faster you succeed, as long as you continue to focus and make the necessary adjustments to your mistakes. Stop chasing the magic bullet and realize that if you want to succeed, you are going to have to put in some work during the initial stages. In my experience, I have seen the most success stories from people who stick to one method and don’t stop working hard until they progress enough to see consistent income. During the past few years, this has taken months or even years for most marketers to perfect. Immediate success was extremely rare and it was very unrealistic to expect big results in little time.


The good news is that the strategies that have become available today will significantly cut down your learning curve. With improvements such as new technology and new automated systems being rolled out constantly, it has become much easier for anybody to achieve fast success while minimizing mistakes.

If you want to get on a real fast track to success and follow proven methods that will maximize your income potential, you will want to see what we have worked extremely hard to create for you.

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The Six Figure Formula

I have worked extremely hard for months on end to create the ultimate automated system and mentoring course which includes all my secret weapons. The Six Figure Formula is the result of years of experience and proven strategies that can take you to elite levels of online success.

Although I have reached thousands of people with my mentoring and I'm always helping them reach their goals, it has always been my greatest desire to provide an automated system where I can deliver ALL of my inside information and work with every one of you individually so I can do everything I can to help you succeed. This is exactly what I have done with The Six Figure Formula, and I'm excited for you to jump on board.

Everything you will ever need to achieve incredible success online can be found inside of The Six Figure Formula.

Here's What You Get When You Jump On Board Today

5 Steps To A $10,000+ Per Month Business ($397 Value)
Step-by-step video training modules detailing my exact money making methods. I'm going to teach you exactly how I promote offers and other people's products as an affiliate to make $500 or more per day so you can do the same to start making more money in the fastest time possible.

Done-For-You "Business In A Box" Automation ($597 Value)
I'm going to give you my entire done-for-you website sales system completely setup to run for you automatically. My system creates lead capture pages for you, creates email followup series for you and even does all the selling and telling so you don't have to. Just plugin to my system and start earning while you're learning.

Complete Done-For-You Traffic Sources ($197 Value)
Website traffic means EVERYTHING! The more traffic you drive to your site the more leads you generate which makes more sales and makes YOU more money! I'm going to give you my exact done-for-you traffic sources so you can drive the same traffic to your own sites, which I also setup for you.

Private Members Only Facebook Group ($67 Value)
You will join a community of some of the brightest minds in online marketing of all levels. Whether you are a complete beginner just getting started, maybe you've tried a few things online here and there or maybe you already have a certain level of experience, we can all learn from each other and contribute to our goals.

Full Time Direct Support Team ($697 Value)
You're not only going to get access to all the automation tools, training and resources in the members area, you're going to have a full time support team right here whenever you need help with anything at all. Our number 1 priority is you and we truly care about your success. Full time real support is a necessity for your online success.

Training For Beginners and Advanced ($1,997 Value)
I'm going to teach you how to make enough money to quit your job and how to build a real six figure online business. Whether you're just getting started or maybe you've tried a few things online already and maybe you're even making some money, I'm going to help you get to your next level.

Jump On Board Today To Claim These Massive Bonuses

Bonus #1: ($297 Value)
Use My Exact Turnkey Campaigns Weekly
I will hand you a new fully optimized proven money making campaign pre-built and ready to go every week. These are campaigns I have used myself, all you have to do is copy and paste!

Bonus #2: ($397 Value)
Grab My Exact Lead Capture Pages Weekly
Every week I will send you a fresh bunch of high converting opt-in lead capture pages that I use everyday in my own business. They are proven winning pages and will keep your subscriber conversions through the roof!

Bonus #3: ($67 Value)
Copy My Exact Swipe Files Weekly
Each week I will send you the exact high converting email swipes I use to generate thousands of weekly visitors to my website. You can simply copy and paste them for yourself to maximize your traffic and profits!

MEGA Bonus #4: ($5,497+ Value)
Use My 3 All-In-One Combo Software
This is my own custom built lead management software which I've secretly been using for the past 3 years. It is the exact software responsible for building my business well over and into six figures. I had to really think about including my software or not with The Six Figure Formula membership because it's almost too good to give up. I paid thousands of dollars to have this made for myself and I have been charging private clients at least $3,000 to access it, but because I want to show you how much I care about your success I'm giving you full access. Watch the video below to see inside my software now.

Total Value Over $10,210.00

These are not your ordinary bonuses that are usually old and outdated products with inflated values. These are real life money making tools and an entire lead management software system that I use in my daily business and have paid thousands of dollars for, but you get it all for free included with The Six Figure Formula.

You have only seen a small sample of what is provided in The Six Figure Formula. I am constantly updating the membership and adding fresh new content and tools for members to use!

Get $10,210 of Bonuses

Before Time Runs Out For Just $37.00 $1

How Much Will This Cost?

My main goal is to help as many people as I can achieve their dreams. This is why I have decided to keep this extremely cheap! Entrance into The Six Figure Formula will cost you...

Only $1997  $1!

That’s right. You can join The Six Figure Formula, watch my basic and advanced video modules, get fully automated money making websites ready to go, get access to my done-for-you traffic sources, get into our private members only group, get full access to my lead management software, use all my personal tools with a real life value of $10,210.00+, receive world class 24/7 support from me and my team for just $1 (72 hour trial)!

After the 72 hour trial you will automatically be charged at the incredibly low rate of just $37 per month which you can cancel ANYTIME!

If you do not want to be charged $37 simply let me know before your 72 hour trial is over, and you will no longer be charged!

This is however my short term entry price. Because my team and I are here personally to support all our members we cannot keep it this low forever. At any given moment I will increase the price as high as $197 per month as most premium mentoring memberships do, so I highly recommend you join now as the price is as low as it will ever be!

My Personal Money Back Guarantee To You...

If you are not 100% Excited to Make Money with me and my team...

If you don't think my Personal and Direct Mentoring Approach is worth the Small Investment...

If you have at least given my Automated System and Money Making Strategies an Honest try and it really didn't work out for you even after talking to me...

Just contact my support desk within the first 14 days of your initial payment and I'll personally refund all your money. I'll let you KEEP your automated websites so you can continue making money, the done-for-you traffic sources, free downloads and bonuses, and if you're still not 100% happy I'll refund your money...

Simple, straight to the point and extremely fair... All good? Scroll down...

Get $10,210 of Bonuses

Before Time Runs Out For Just $37.00 $1

Right Now Is THE Time...
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The choice to choose a team environment, direct and personal mentoring, a place where you can seriously MAKE MONEY, a choice to choose SUCCESS!

If you choose to sit there and keep doing what you have been doing for the past 2 months, 6 months, a year, or more... Then everything is going to be exactly as it is right now, in another 2 months, 6 months, a year, or more!

I don’t want that to happen to you, because it's happened to me before and I know exactly how terrible it feels.

That’s why I’ve made the entry price to The Six Figure Formula so low... and that’s why I'm giving you my personal risk free money back guarantee.

The only thing left for you to do is to Click Here to Get Instant Access Now and make the choice that WILL change your situation for the better forever!

To your success,

If you have any questions or concerns at all, just let me know:

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Shea Korte

Get $10,210 of Bonuses

Before Time Runs Out For Just $37.00 $1

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