Can we get traffic from that Question and Answers website that keeps popping up?

There a high chance you’ve probably heard of the question and answers website that Yahoo! owns called Yahoo! Answers. Well, while that one may be filled with teenagers trying their best to answer another teenager’s question about “life”, depending on what niche and market you’re going after, the Yahoo! Answers platform may not cut it anymore.

The one I see keep popping up all the time when I search just about anything on Google, is Quora.

If you haven’t seen Quora yet, just go get an account, it’s free to signup. It’s almost like a very plain and clean version of the Facebook feed when you’re looking at your Quora feed.

Fortunately, Quora runs an ads platform, Quora Ads. Not only can you target Topics, Interests and Audiences, the one I really like is being able to literally target individual questions. That’s right, you can place your ads inside each question and answer page you manually choose which is highly targeted to your niche.

Quora holds a slightly older user base compared to Yahoo! Answers, which certainly makes Quora a great place for marketers wanting to find the perfect buyers who are interested in their product or service.